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Wikitude Browser doesn't find my Worlds

Wikitude Browser doesn't find my Worlds

Hi, greetings from Colombia.

I've recently added two Wikitude KML Worlds successfully ("Cajeros Colpatria" and "Oficinas Colpatria", both under categories "Business and Services" and "Finance"), the POIs looked great in browser.

After a few days, both worlds don't appear in Wikitude Browser (and both categories are missing as well), but they are still shown on my dashboard.

What could've happened to my worlds?

I can access them by entering each world key in the Developer Configuration menu, but it would be uncomfy for the crowd
to do every single step on a showcase. Should I change the categories under which my POIs are referenced? Is there any
problem about the information I've shown on my POIs?

Thank you!!

Hi can you let us know with location you are testing at (latitude, longitude) - so we can investigate.




Hi Phillipp, the location in which I'm testing is Bogotá, Colombia; more precisely the Colpatria Tower:

Lat.: 4.611
Long.: -74.07

Both worlds have POIs around this location, these are the keys:

Oficinas Colpatria: nksimqq
Cajeros Colpatria: blhkoow

Is this location unable to use the categories under which I subscribed my Worlds? What categories should I use?


Thank you Phillipp, have a nice day!!

Philipp, we're having this same problem. Our world is published, but it doesn't appear in the browser. Could you check it from your end?

Our developer key is pqdjizz.

Longitude: 95°22'48.99"W
Latitude:  30° 0'26.69"N

Thank you!

-the librarians of Lone Star College--North Harris

Hi Librarians of Lone Star College! :-)

We are in the process of tuning our algorithm and it should be ready in our sistems by Monday.

In the meantime, I had a look at your World and now it should be visible in Wikitude Browser.

I apologize for the incovenience.

Kind Regards,


We are also heaving troupble. Cannot see the world in Wikitude.

Develope key: idjtpfu

Please help!

Thank you.


Hi Jill,

Now your World "Sunshine Coast Nature Trail - Queensland" should be visibile in Wikitude.



Hi Simone.

Thanks for responding. It's still not visible. There should be six POIs.

There is one visible that was created with the open web, non-developer method. But the six that we made as a world aren't visible in the Wikitude browser. Could you take a look?

Hi Jill,

Which are your coordinates you are testing from?



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