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Help with Simple AR Browser example (Ubuntu 64)

Help with Simple AR Browser example (Ubuntu 64)

Hi! I'm having troubles with the SimpleARBrowser example downloaded with the SDK. This is what i did:

I imported SimpleARBrowser via File--> Import (Eclipse Indigo on Ubuntu 64)

I ran the AVD Manager and ran a virtual device with Android 2.2

SimpleARBrowser --> run as --> Android Application

Then it throws a serie of errors:

The library 'wikitudesdk.jar' contains native libraries that will not run on the device.
The following libraries were found:
  - libs/armeabi/

What am I doing wrong?

Any idea how to solve that?

Thanks for your time!



Hi there!

There are two options:

Update your Eclipse to the latest Android SDK

Follow the steps as already descriped in a Stackoverflow post :

go to windows/preferences/android/build

uncheck the first and the second option

extract files from wikitudesdk.jar with winrar as if it is an archive, search and copy it in /libs/libs/armeabi/

add wikitudesdk.jar to your build path


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