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My world publishes but doesn't appear in Wikitude

My world publishes but doesn't appear in Wikitude
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I've been trying, off and on, to solve this problem for months.

I've created and published a world called "A Tour of the Lone Star College--North Harris Library." I can see it as a development world on my iPhone 4 using the latest version of the Wikitude browser. But it doesn't appear outside of that on All Worlds or Around Me. Other Wikitude POIs do, but not the world I've published. I'm certain that it's in published and not draft mode; the dashboard makes that clear.

Here's an additional probem: when you're looking through the camera view and click on a POI, a small window appears at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the > symbol on the right usually opens up a full-sized window to display additional information about that POI. But when I do that on POIs in my world, nothing happens.

Please help.

-the librarians of Lone Star College--North Harris, Houston, USA
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