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[iOS] How to take photo with AR object using WTArchitectView

[iOS] How to take photo with AR object using WTArchitectView

I want to take photo with AR object, but WTArchitectView can't draw camera and AR object.

here is our code:

        // Take capture
        UIImage *image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();
        // Save image to album
        SEL sel = @selector(finishSaveImage:didFinishSavingWithError:contextInfo:);
        UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(image, self, sel, nil);

Anyone have a sample code like this?

And I try "Technical Q&A QA1704", but WTArchitectView can't access to OpenGL ES object.

Hi Taro,

we will provide a method to take a screenshot in our next SDK update. For now you are not able to capture the screen because you cannot acces our OpenGL ES objects and the camera.


Best regards


I'm pretty new here. 

And I don't know what the SDK update you've mentioned is the current one or not.

I also have the screen capture code similar to this, and it did give a blank screen, too. 

Can I take a photo/screenshot right now? Or is it still unavailable?


Thank you.


I'm sorry that I have to tell you that the feature is not included in the current release.

Unfortunately you cannot create a screenshot by yourself since you cannot access all the views which are necessary.

I'll keep you up to date about the status off this feature.


Best regards

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