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Wikitude World in mi own app

Wikitude World in mi own app

Thanks Philipp


I will try to do what did you recomend me, because i am not pretty sure how to load in my SDK project an ARchitect World from Internet (Dropbox/Google Drive).

I will post when i can do it or if i have more questions.


Thanks again.

Hi Carlos,

the only format of a Wikitude World, which you can use together with the SDK are Worlds based on ARchitect. 

Instead of a hosting service you can use Dropbox and the public folder or Google Drive and set the files to public access. When using the SDK you ideally follow these steps:

Create your World using ARchitect - HTML and JavaScript files (POIs are represented as Geo-Objects in JavaScript)

Upload those files to Dropbox or Google Drive

Load that world in your SDK project

Thanks Philipp

Actually it is probably that i didnt understand your answer or i made my question wrong.

The thing that i am trying to know is if i can use wikitude worlds that i upload to the wikitude server?

I mean, I need to create and load a world from internet, but I dont have a hosting place where I can upload KML or ARML files. When I say wikitude worlds I mean POIs.

I hope you can understand my bad English and help me again.

Hi Carlos,

the Wikitude SDK can load Wikitude Worlds, which are based on the ARchitect Engine. Here are some documentation articles, which get you started in no time:

Example apps for the SDK
ARchitect Library - Basic concept
Tutorial: ARchitect Hello World
Other World types which are based on KML or ARML can't be loaded in the SDK out ot the box.
First, i want to apologise for my english but im not from a english native language country.

I am developing in eclipse a wikitude app for my college project. I want to know if I can load a wikitude world from my aplicattion and how can i do that.
I am new developing with wikitude, so i really need help.

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