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iOS "embedded" sdk crash app

iOS "embedded" sdk crash app

We're experiencing a "weird" error, and an help investigating is more than welcome:

In a past edition of our app we successfully embedded Wikitude SDK into an xcode project with the opportunity to start it through a TabBarController button.

Al worked fine passing through all the functions of the app, but now that we've updated the app including the last SDK version, and all works fine the first time you run the function, but when you select another tab and then came back to wikitude's tab the app crashes....

From the logs, here's the error:

libGPUSupportMercury.dylib`gpus_ReturnUnexpectedKillClient:0x316a6098:  trap   0x316a609a:  nop

any thought to share? :)
it'll be very appreciated.
Hi Valeria,

can you post a complete code snippet or send me a sample project where the crash occurs?

The SDK sample SimpleARBrowser is also based on a TabBarController and I also setup a new TabBarController sample project and both of them seem to work fine.

Are you calling and when you're switching between the tabs?

Best regards
out of curiosity, I've added Vuforia's SimpleARBrowser libraries to the sample you provided, and... guess? it crashes too... :(

I attach modified sample as a zip here, maybe I'm missing something, but imho it appear an issue related to the management of OpenGL stack in the libraries...

Any thought?

Hi Valeria,

i didn't noticed that you had running our image recognition extension.

There was a bug inside our impl. and this will be fixed in our next maintenance release which will be out in about 2 weeks.

 If you have an urgent buisness need that requires the fix please send us an email at


Best regards


Hi Andreas,

thanks for your kind help. 

We highly rely on Vuforia's images recognition so, any way to speed up the access to the bugfix is very appreciated; thanks for keeping us in loop for further development evolution on this topic, if possible of course :)



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