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"unable to start image recognition" error, with no apparent reason

"unable to start image recognition" error, with no apparent reason

While trying to implement the new libraries (SDK 1.1) in an existing (working) project, we receive this error:

Unable to start Image Recognition! Do you have a valid license and linked the ARchitect IR Library into your project?

Note that libraries are correctly linked, and of course the licence couldn't be wrong, as we copy/pasted, and for the SDK we followed all available guides and added Vuforia's libraries.

Any idea or help?

Hope someone could help

are you using Android or iOS? Please make sure that the libraries are found and linked to your application (e.g. check build logs in Xcode or device output with logcat). Posting the build logs/logcat output would also help us in finding/narrowing down the problem.

If you followed the instruction closely this should however work without a problem. 
Hi Wolfgang, and thanks a lot for your prompt answer, very appreciated :)
we managed to have the project correctly build and run by reordering the cflags linker, and excluding the sbjson class...

Reordering the classes we get the error in the attached file errorlog.txt, then excluding SBJSON class the build and run process of IRandgeo.html demo app is working, but we're now unable to use json data sources...

how we can fix that, any idea?

thanks a lot in advance for any help, more than appreciate :)

Hi Valeria,

we are using SBJSON internally and therefore the symbols already exist. You should be able to use the attached header files in order to use SBJSON as usually. Since we already include the symbols you must not build the .m of SBJSON yourself.

Let me know if it resolves the issue for you.
It work!

Really appreciate your help. 

Thanks again ;)

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