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Crash on HTC Desire (not HD)

Crash on HTC Desire (not HD)


I have a problem with the SDK running the sample (SimpleARBrower).
My device : HTC Desire
Android Version : 2.2.2
SDK version : 1.1

Description : Most of the time, I see the cam and POI during 3 seconds and the applications crashs without messages. Sometime, the application just closed at the beginning (very long time loading)
Logcat shows some warnings : 
09-03 18:26:52.370: W/dalvikvm(3255): JNI WARNING: DeleteLocalRef(0x409541a8) failed to find entry (valid=1)

The same application is running well on a galaxy tab with Android 3.2

Thanks for your help !
Hi Dany,

Nice to hear you are working with the SDK on a number of devices.

The HTC Desire issue is indeed a very strange one - we have the device and the very same issue occurs.
This is a firmaware related issue, or more detailed, a firmware's browser's javascript-engine issue, known on the HTC desire 2.2.x only (your listed warnings are not related to this issue)
We are constantly improving our SDK but could not yet find a fix for that issue.
I hope this does not block your development somehow and you can continue development with your Galaxy Tab

Kind regards,
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