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info to start wikitude-amy.apk on iPAD 3

info to start wikitude-amy.apk on iPAD 3

Dear misters

I have an iPAD 3 (retina) with iOS 5.1.1 and I am searching to open the file "wikitude-amy.apk" that I found in ARchitectTools_1.08 but I don't know how can I do to open it because it seems to be a file unknown.

I have also search to download the file but that URL open a page where I see the icon of application but it does not start (besides I don't found in settings of my iPAD 3 the menu APPLICATION to Enable Unknown sources so as you write in your Quick Guide).

Could you help me to resolve this problem?

Many Thanks

Tommaso Tozzi
Hi Tommaso,

.apk file are only working on Android, so you need to either have an Android phone or tablet to download and install an .apk file. Our ARechitec mobile viewer version is currently only available for Android. In order to test your ARchitect World on iOS please go to the Wikitude developer settings (open Wikitude - click the 'i' button in the titlebar > open the developer settings and enter the url in the ARchitect URL option).


Dear Nicola,

thank you very much

Tommaso Tozzi
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