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Basic Suggestions for a Better Wikitude

Basic Suggestions for a Better Wikitude
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First of all, I hope this is an alright method of posting something like this.  Looked around a bit and it seemed appropriate to post here, but  feel free to move it if you wish.

That being said, I like the direction of Wikitude and have so far used it on both a Blackberry and now Android.  I have noticed a few things while using it though which have also been pointed out by other users over time.  If you're skeptical you can always give Google Play's review section a quick run-through to see exactly what's on people's minds besides basic approvals.  Anyway I'd appreciate it if you could at least consider these suggestions a bit. (implementation, of course, is up to you)

The List:

1.)  The main screen at least for Android in the latest version seems to be too cluttered (this does seem to be a trend with all versions though).  Most users agree on this or would like it to be streamlined a bit more if they had the chance.  While it is still functional per se, it is believed that this could be much better.  I understand the basic design logic of it, but I honestly think it could be handled a bit better.  As it is now, it's a narrow horizontal catergory bar followed by large associate service buttons all over the screen.  This hides more useful features and feels like ads are being thrown in our face instead.

2.)  When I first started using Wikitude I found navigating through the menus a bit tricky.  While I've gotten more used to it, progressive versions have not necessarily made this more user friendly (especially considering the previous point on the main screen).  I think a rethinking of the whole app's design in general for the UI at least could be beneficial.

3.) Appending to the previous points, there are cases where too many tabs on the screen can show up, adding an immense amount of clutter where some tabs can even cover others (say a very populated AR camera shot).  More details about this can be found in a few Google Play review comments.

4.)  However I do enjoy the AR camera abilities overall.  Main thing with this is the game functionalities and other "extras" aside from main functionalities seem to be rather bland/lacklustre in support + not as useful (more gimmick than anything else).  I feel additional features would probably make up for these shortcomings which in my opinion are very unnecessary to currently have.

5.)  Inclusion of actual advertisements are not fun.  I noticed this in my blackberry app almost immediately after a major revision.  I understand you need to make your money somehow, but honestly I find ads a giant waste of data and very annoying if I want to get things done (especially with an app like this).  I would wholeheartedly support a paid version of the app that had no ads + a free one that came with ads.  Why not do something that includes the best of both worlds? I'm sure many would support something like this as it's worked well with other app businesses.  I'd definitely put down some money if this was refined more via the retooling mentioned in some of the other suggestions.
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