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my wikitude crashed

my wikitude crashed

When i started it for very first time it's very good. The only thing that bother me is just it cannot connect to fcebook. When i tried to access myworld places it is loading like forever. First i think maybe it's because of my network but my intenet access was just fine. I don't know what i going on. It is able to show me things from wikipedia, foursquare, and twitter but never facebook. I don't know how. I just want to make it show me my facebook buddies location but when i keep trying it crashed. Please anyone help

can you let us know which device and which Wikitude version you are using?

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I used wikitude for android. I guess i can't locate my friend with it, can i? And abot facebook i don't know what do exactly it does? Is it just connect and do nothing? Or it show me facebook user around me?

Thank you for reply

Can you please provide us with exact details on the device you're using (model, os version, etc) and which Wikitude version you're using.


I use samsung ace plus with android gingerbread latest version. My wikitude is of course wikitude for android
O right. And i downloaded wikitude from google store/android market so i guess it's the newest one
Hi there!

Concerning the facebook-issue:
The featured facebook world just shows locations of your friends' check-ins or posts. If none of them added location to their posts or posts are too far away they are not displayed in the camera.

Twitter and Foursquare Worlds works different and almost always show closest places/messages.
Since facebook-authentication etc. may take some time you user experience may take some time when connection is poor.

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I have same problem It just wont log in. I keep geting 'error with authenitcaion' even though details are correct and checked several times. Mobile phone is HTC Sensation, android 4.0.3 v

Hi there!

Wikitude myWorld feature was removed in latest version of Wikitude. Your created data were savely unpublished, no longer available and will not be shared with any 3rd party organization.

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