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POI position in camera view

POI position in camera view


When I look at a POI in the camera view, I realise that very often, the POI is not where it should be. The position seems to be off by 10-20 meters (it's not only a few meters). Moreover, this seems random. I can see the POI at the good spot, then move a little and the POI "moves" and isn't at the good position at all.

I can add , that :
- I don't think there's a problem with the GPS, when I'm in the map view the POI and my position are good
- I don't think there's a problem with my phone compass, if I use it with another application , it seems ok (for instance, in google maps, the arrow indicating my position is in the good direction)

I use wikitude 7.1 with android (HTC one S)

Do you know where this problem comes from , and if there's a way to correct it ?

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest and feedback.
In fact compass and GPS may cause inaccuracy, but also the coordinates of the places (provided in some Worlds) are not that accurate.

We do our best to provide best solution (by supporting e.g. gyroscope, which is not available on all devices...) but unfortunately cannot kick all factors that cause inaccuracy.

Kind regards,
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