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How to insert new POI

How to insert new POI

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i'm beginner.. could u help me to show how to insert latitude, longitude and altitude into Simple AR Browser?  
Hi there!

You may simply adjust the "loadSampleWorld" method and use your own POI data instead.
Not sure if that helps, but if not, please provide more information about your issue/concern.

In case you are a Junior Android Developer I recommend to start with some Android lessons before jumin' into ARchitect. Even some Location Based Tutorials upfront will help you in understaning the whole concept.

Kind regards,
Sorry, had issue with text-formatting,

Please have a look at the "loadSampleWorld()"-method in Here you can define PoiBeans and pass them via JSON to your JS/html. The "callJavascript"-part is the magic-line where you can transfer any kind of information between native and JS.

Hope that helps.

thx andreas for your help but 

You may simply adjust the loadSampleWorld method and use your own POI data instead.

sorry, i dont understand what u mean.. could u give me step by step?

i opened Simple Ar Browser including Poibean, poidetailactivity and n where i must put latitude, longitude and altitude exactly ??  should i use Json file then connected into string url ??
private void loadSampleWorld() throws IOException {this.architectView.load("tutorial1.html");
JSONArray array = new JSONArray();poiBeanList = new ArrayList();try {for (int i = 0; i
that's the . so i can make js file that declaration lat long n alt the call it? could u give a sample file?

you can find the counterpart (function newData(jsonData)) in the "assets/tutorial1.html".
You may transfer any data you want, whereat JSON is the most common one for bulk-transfers like this.

In the "SDKExampleDocumentation.pdf" of the SDK you can also find an explanation about transfering data from native to ARchitect World.

Hope you can find everything you need now ;-)

Don't hesitate to drop me a mail to andreas.hauser (at) wikitude (dot) com if you have any further questions.

thank you andreas :D
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