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What do i need to do to activate SDU ?
I create some GeoObject with ImageDrawable in Wikitude. This is my code:

var img = new AR.ImageDrawable(poiImage, 2.0)
geoLoc = new AR.GeoLocation(lat, long);
poiObj = new AR.GeoObject(geoLoc, {drawables:{cam:poidrawables}});

My images are displayed on the smartphone screen but when i go to the position of my GeoObject its image size doesn't grow. What don't i understand about SDU ?

Best regards.

when you move towards a GeoObject the imagedrawable won't grow in size if it is already closer than 10 meters. If you move away from the GeoObject the imagedrawable will get smaller until it reaches the maximum distance (20 km) where it will stay the same in size.

You can test this by creating GeoObjects at an increased distance away from your current location.

Let me know if this helps.
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