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BB9900 issue

BB9900 issue


I have installed the apps on my Blackberry 9900 device, however, I have been reported by network operator that this application may be the root that led me to have massive data usage, especially under roaming scenario.

May I seek your advice that any automatic update for this application as GPS and postioning is always needed. Or would you please justify how this application will consume data usage? Please kindly advise, thank you.

Thx for your interest in Wikitude. Wikitude does only load data on application start-up or when you click the refresh button which is displayed in the titlebar in the Wikitude homescreen (available in application versions below 7.0). 

I would generally recommend to upgrade to 7.0.5, unless you have already this version, as this optimizes loading behavior even more.

So if you're roaming and don't refresh no data is loaded.

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