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New AR Window

New AR Window

The new AR Window functionality that has just been released seems to allow using wikitude in a standard mobile browser page.  I have several questions about it's use and how that works.  For instance, how does it pull facebook information and how do I configure it to pull from a certain facebook account, how do I customize the pictures/renderables from facebook or a custom geolocation, and can I constrain what world it uses or do I have to provide my own geolocations?  Additionally, will the new Window AR work on IOS and Android.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Our AR Window is right now straight from the lab and we don't yet offer it as a product for developers to embed in their website. Please stay tuned and watch for news on our website and developer newsletter or follow us on twitter.

Regarding facebook, please have a look at their developer website
Thank you for your very quick response; however, I'm hoping for a bit more information if possible since a few things are a little confusing.  On Wikitude's front page, this is the #1 announcement and is followed by a video saying how now you can create mobile-web based AR webpages using "standard web technologies" such as Javascript, CSS3, etc (Your CTO does a good job of raising my level of expectation here :).  After I click on that banner, at the bottom, I see:
For more information, please visit the Wikitude Augmented Reality SDK.
Which sort of implies there's information out there as to how I can start using this new cool feature.  In any event, when do you think that this new feature will be available, it is the ONE feature I need to help my client(s) because (I'm assuming here), it's a cross platform feature.  In terms of facebook integration, I'm hoping that the "AR Window" documentation will include examples or sample code once (or if) the "AR Window" feature is released.  Perhaps the information I'm looking for is in the SDK documentation and I just missed if.  If so, my apologies. I think wikitude has some very interesting technologies and I'm really just trying to get it to work for my scenario which really mandates a browser/cross-platform solution.
Currently we offer our webbased technology ARchitect as SDK for including in your own Application or for creating Worlds for the Wikitude app. This allows you already to leverage your existing web knowledge to create AR experiences. The AR Window however is still very fresh and is not yet ready for a broad release. Please stay tuned.

Is there any news about AR window?


AR Window is still in lab-stage as not all major mobile browsers expose the necessary APIs to run Augmented Reality. We will formally poductize the Wikitude AR Window as soon as we can ensure compatibility with all major mobile browsers.
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