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Crash when Application goes to Background mode

Crash when Application goes to Background mode

Hi Sergey,
I hab a look at your problem yesterday. Could it be that you added the following plist entry: "Required background modes" with value "location"? That would cause your app to behave differently that our sample app. In that case you need to explicitly call the sdk method "stop" when your application delegate receives the message

- (void)applicationDidEnterBackground:(UIApplication *)application

and "start" when your application comes back active

- (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application

Thank you very much Nicolas for your reply. I check the sample project that comes with SDK and ran it and it never crashes when going to a Background state. Notifications are not used there. How does that work?

OK. I have fix the problem by using Notifications and stoping the Archtect View when notification is called. 

Thank you very much Nicolas!

Hello Sergey,

iOS provides a notifiction that tells you when your app is about to enter the background: UIApplicationWillResignActiveNotification.
You can register your view controller as a listener with the code snippet below and call   in the applicationWillResignActive method.

When your app becomes active again there is a corresponding UIApplicationDidBecomeActiveNotification.

Best regards,

Our application crashes on iPhone when going to a background mode. Here is what I do:

1. Start an Architect view then 
2. Take application to background mode
3. Crash

I believe this has something to do with not stopping Architect View and application tries to render in the background mode. I do call   in viewWillDisappear but this lifecycle mothod is not called when application goes to background mode. 

Trying to catch the cause of crash using Debugger here is what I find in Thread 1: 
0x3306f094:  trap  

Please advise me how to fix this issue? or may be there is a way for me to stop architectView in applicationWillEnterForeground?

Thank you very much! 
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