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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in the SDK.
The ARIntent-library you mentioned is in fact deprecated and no longer available for download.
We switched to ARchitect, which has a different mechanism on how to customize and handle the AR-View.
Besides the ability to have it bundled in your app and no longer need to have Wikitude installed, the new SDK also comes with various ways on how to enhance AR experience (geo-fences, visibility triggers, JS support...)

For more details please visit

Kind regards,

I have developed an Android test application using this file "wikitudearintent.jar" inside the
But now, I can´t download it and I can´t find anything in my "developers zone".

Must I have to develope only with Architech technologies or can I still developing like an "intent" in android?.

Does actual Wikitude SDK include "wikitudearintent.jar" ??

Thanks for all your work.
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