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please Help Me, to build my own app

please Help Me, to build my own app

Good morning All,
i'm Rizal, i want to make my own app.
please help me how to make my camera can identify a monument where it can give information when i shoot the camera...
please...teach me...:(

With the Wikitude SDK it's easy to show POIs where they are in real world - just pass in the longitude/latitude values for the point and the SDK does the heavy work and calculates where to display the POI.

If you're talking about image recognition - this will be available soon for you to use. So please stay tuned.

could u provide a working example? 

Hi Jochem Rommens! There are many options for developing mobile applications today, you can visit

This Tools is based on Ionic, Cordova platform. You just upload your ionic source in formatted ZIP’s file, then  No-code, change Settings, customize something in your app. Finally, Deploy your app, download & test app or submit your app to Google Play or Apple Store when it is ready. Your job is just one click away.


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