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Stacking of POIs

Stacking of POIs

Does anyone know how and why POIs stack the way they do in map/cam views? I'm trying to get a particular POI to sit in front of two other nearby POIs and I can't figure out how to do it ...
Hi Robert,

can you let us know, which Wikitude World you are testing (ARML or ARchitect). Maybe you can share the file of the URL so we can better investigate your case. If you prefer you can also send us that to info
Hello Phillip -- it's ARML, and under testing at the moment. This is the url:

Specifically, placemark id archie-antonine-poi-2 appears behind the following three placemarks in the map display. I've tried everything I can think of to change this!


Also, this is Wikitude 7.0 on iPhone 4.

I understand your problem now (you want that the POI with #2 on it to be shown on top of the search POIs) and have forwarded it to the engineering team.

Yes, that's basically it -- although ideally I'd like to understand what the factors involved in stacking actually are.

I presumed that either a) closer POIs would stack on top of further away POIs or b) POIs declared earlier in the ARML file would stack on top of POIs declared later, but neither of these seems to be the case.
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