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anybody home?

anybody home?

This looks like one of the best platforms for AR I have seen, but Im getting nowhere...

and Im asking for help in the forums here and getting no answers.

Is this platform getting washed up?  Its a pity, it looks really good.
Hi Vince,

I just answered and forwarded the questions you asked to the responsible person. Please be assured that client and developer support is extremely important for us and we try to answer questions within 1-2 day(s). Should it take longer than that (e.g. on weekends or public holidays or we need to analyze your problem more deeply) please understand and keep in mind that we want to help you best way we can.

Thx for your understanding.
OK thankyou!

I do have a question still unanswered, which is actually the most important one, but thanks for your assistance!
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