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Wikitude SDK 1.05 released

Wikitude SDK 1.05 released
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The newest maintenance release of Wikitude SDK is available to download from DevZone (

Release Notes:
1.0.5 Maintenance Release
- Based on ARchitect Engine 1.08
--- Added openInBrowser function to AR.context
--- Performance & Stability improvements
- Added setCullingDistance to ArchitectView (SDK)
- Added possibility for better error handling when loading an ARchitect World (SDK)
- Improved SimpleARBrowser example (Android, iOS)
- Fixed: Location service not turned off in certain conditions (iOS)
- Fixed: Camera is displayed bigger than it should be in certain conditions (iOS)
- Fixed: WTArchtiectView does not properly work when created for the 2nd time (iOS)
- Note: If you are targetting iOS version 4.x you have to additionally include the following Other Linker Flags: -fobjc-arc (iOS)
- Note: Including a viewport meta-tag in your ARchitect World is recommended if you target different screen resolutions (see ARchitectTools/Hello World/Hello World.html for more details)

Let uns know if you encounter any problems
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