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Draw lines (similar to Wikitude Drive app)

Draw lines (similar to Wikitude Drive app)

I'm trying to draw lines with geospatial data and I don't seem to find the right API call in the SDK.  Is that capability availbale with the current release of the SDK or is it something special I need to write in order to achieve drawing lines.

right now we don't offer a possiblity to draw lines. We already thought about this feature and it is planned for the future. No release timeline yet.

What might be an option for you is following:

1. Create an array of GeoLocations for the locations along the line you want to visualize.
2. Create 1 GeoObject, with locations from 1 and 1 Circle drawable
3. For each location the circle will be drawn giving you a dotted line in AR

Keep in mind that you might need to pre filter, reduce/increase the amount of locations to get a good performance and a nice visual effect.


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