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How to use contructors and properties

How to use contructors and properties


First of all, let me say that I am very excited about the SDK. The example apps that I have played with how a ton of promise and assuming I can get things up and running, I fully expect to purchase some licensing for our apps. However, since the SDK doesn't have many examples, it is has been very difficult to understand what constructors and properties I should be using.

For example, the example provided generated some random POIs, but it wasn't obvious how to set the altitude, since the PoiBean class had a Point object with only latitude and longitude. By sheer luck, I was able to add the ""altitude"" property and was able to populate the data and see the results accordingly. 

Now I am trying to set the distance or range of POIs that I want to be visible, but I can't find any way to do this. Obviously if I have too many POI in a close area it can get very crowded and I may want to tighten the range. On the other hand, I may want to expand the range when I wish to view items that are farther away. I'm sure there is a very easy way to do this. Can someone give me an example please?
Again, I think the SDK shows enormous potential, and I really would like to include some of the features in my apps. The fact that this is cross platform means it can save us an enormous amount of time in the augmented reality space. I do understand that the SDK was just released, but I think some more examples, more tutorials, and a developer's forum would be hugely beneficial.

QUESTION ASKED BY JOHN via the Feedback form.

thanks for your valuable feedback on the Wikitude SDK. As you already mentioned we have just released the SDK and will continue to work on more examples & tutorials. A forum is in the works and will be online soon. Its availability will be announced in our developer newsletter.

To see what ARchitect is capable of, please refere to the "Library Reference" located in the ARchitectTools folder. There are also some tutorials there that deal with the JavaScript API and its features.

Turning to your question about viewing distance. Usually it will be a good idea to limit the number of points shown in the AR view based e.g. on the users location. This can be already done natively if you have a huge number of points.

Once in ARchitect you have the possibility to enable/disable AR.GeoObjects by setting their "enabled" property based on their distance to the viewer. To easily calculate the distance an object is away use its AR.GeoLocation and call "distanceTo" passing in a AR.GeoLocation defining the user's current position.

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