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SDK for Windows Phone 7

SDK for Windows Phone 7

This is an old post, but with the xamarin partnership with MS, as well as the xamarin.forms cross platform programming models, is there any change in the prospect for a SDK for WP?


There are no changes in our roadmap regarding the support for Windows Phone at the moment. So even though our SDK for Android and iOS is available with a Xamarin module, we don't support Windows Phone.

I hope this helps.


Implementation using web technologies would seem to suggest it could be made available for Windows Phone 7..any plans or roadmap?


thanks for the interest - I'm sure you understand that we are not sharing our product roadmap in this forum. However we can tell you that plattforms that can run native C/C++ code and have relevant distribution in the market will be a very good candidate to port ARchitect to it, which is the base for offering the SDK.
Sounds like it won't be available for the timescales I'm currently working to..shame...but just out of is it that there is a version of the Wikitude app in the Marketplace for WP7? ;-)
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