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Draw lines (similar to Wikitude Drive app)

Draw lines (similar to Wikitude Drive app)

I'm trying to draw lines with geospatial data and I don't seem to find the right API call in the SDK.  Is that capability availbale with the current release of the SDK or is it something special I need to write in order to achieve drawing lines.

right now we don't offer a possiblity to draw lines. We already thought about this feature and it is planned for the future. No release timeline yet.

What might be an option for you is following:

1. Create an array of GeoLocations for the locations along the line you want to visualize.
2. Create 1 GeoObject, with locations from 1 and 1 Circle drawable
3. For each location the circle will be drawn giving you a dotted line in AR

Keep in mind that you might need to pre filter, reduce/increase the amount of locations to get a good performance and a nice visual effect.


I was wondering if you could provide an update as to when you may include support for lines and polygons. I know this will be a part of the ARML 2.0 specification to be released soon. We are interested in showing GIS data in the AR view, and lines are a key aspect.



You are right in respect to ARML 2.0; it requires lines and polygons. So this is something high on our roadmap and will be in one of the future versions. However I don't have any release timelines to share, yet.

Please stay tuned.

I know it's a sin to post on old threads, however my Question is in line with the original question, has there been any development on this since the post date?

unfortunately I don't have any updates on this. please follow our website and developer newsletter for updates.

I checked Wikitude SDK android release notes?but I don? look any drawn lines keyword,

for example, I want to draw line between two locations (lat,lon),Where do I start?

Forgive my poor English 


Hello~ This problem can be resolved?
I have no idea, can you help me?


Hi Rocoo,

Unfortunately, we don't have any updates on this topic, lines are still not something we are currently focussing on.

The solution Wolfgang presented at the beginning of the thread (multiple dots simulating a line) is still your best bet.

Sorry for not having any better news.




We are also in need of drawing lines. Are there any news/updates regarding this issue?



We have developed an AR application, but we urgently need to draw lines, without this funcionality the company is not interested in buying the license, need your HELP!!. 
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