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Calling a Java Clas from the onClick of the label

Calling a Java Clas from the onClick of the label

Is it possible to call another Class inside of my application when someone clicks on a label?  I am not that interested in opening a "detail" html page as the sample shows, when I already have all of that work done inside of a Class.

I posted another question earlier as well and it doesn't seem like these questions get answered too quickly.

I would love to become a paying customer, but if there are lingering qquestions, it makes one take pause before getting out the wallet.

Steve Saxton
I found the answer to my question.  Yes, it is possible by using the urlWasInvoked.

Steve Saxton
Hi Steve,
Great that you found the question to your answer. Should you have any further technical questions please let us know anytime. If you have business related questions to the SDK please contact us under
Hi, could you guys go into details? I'm trying to figure out how to do stuff when the label is clicked. Thanks!
Hi shina, you can find good information inside the /ARchitectTools folder. There are getting started and tutorials to learn the basics of the ARchitect API and a library reference for a detailed API description.

To react on user touches there are click triggers for Drawables that you can assign a function to. This function gets called if the user clicks on this Drawable.
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