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Can't set up Wikitude webservice

Can't set up Wikitude webservice

This has been resolved. I see for registration you send through ?sign=sdj798jtljet235edg7dzgusf6&maxNumberOfPois=50&longitude=13.037481&latitude=47.802006.
I now take into consideration the sign parameter that is sent through.


I have set up a webservice to export ARML file using the webservice spec. I can access in borowser using: 

When I try set it up on my Dashboard using the following url:
I get the following error message: 
The following problems were detected, the system was not able to process your URL:
Reason: Your webservice does not deliver a valid ARML file, or does not deliver Content Providers at all. Please check the response of your webservice.

I've put a debug point in my code and when submitting the Wikitude 'Configure web service' page my webservice is not accessed. (When doing it using URL's manually above it does hit the service)

Is there any other config I need to be aware of? I've even changed the port to :80 with no success,
thanking you in advance 
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