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I?ve uploaded a Wikitude World, but I can?t find it in Wikitude. Why?

I?ve uploaded a Wikitude World, but I can?t find it in Wikitude. Why?

I created an AR world for viewing paintings on walls. This world could be located anywhere. But I cannot add the whole world as area.

It is not possible to find this world,if the user is not in the area.

Hi Ralf,

Please provide details to your developer key and the name of your World (you can send it to forum(at), so we can check this. 

Generally if you upload an ARchitect World, which provides content worldwide, you should specify the whole world as area in the map view. Should you have any issues with the area specification, please provide exact details what is not working as expected.

Hope this help.

Hi Nicola,


thank you.

I use the wikitude viewer now. It works fine. The world is in dev state. But later we would like to publish it for the whole world. Users can view paintings from our artwork portal as overlays on their room walls .

See question above - taken from the Wikitude FAQ section.
There might be multiple reasons for Wikitude to not show your world:
In general, it can take a few hours for Wikitude clients to recognize newly created Worlds. Please check Wikitude regularly to see if your World is showing.
A common error is that longitude and latitude are mixed up in the tag. The format needs to be longitude,latitude (and an optional altitude on meters) ? please double-check if you are unsure.
Ensure that your World is visible within the test system ? the test system should show your world immediately after the upload. If the world is not visible in the test system, your World is not delivering valid data. If you?ve uploaded a KML or ARML file, please check the error messages after the upload on ? they will let you know what went wrong. If you?ve provided a web-service, please make sure that you?re delivering a valid ARML.
Does your world deliver results in your area (you can check in the test system)? Wikitude will only show your World if it has results in your area. You can use the test system to fake your location and try Wikitude virtually in those regions where your World delivers results.
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