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Android SDK - error when compiling

Android SDK - error when compiling

Hello Wikitude,

I'm trying to get your android sample working from the SDK 1.0.3. Everythign works fine to import it to Eclipse but when I try to run it I get the following error in the console:

The library 'wikitudesdk.jar' contains native libraries that will not run on the device. The following libraries were found:  - libs/armeabi/

Any suggestions of how I can fix this?

This should fix your problem (info can also be found in the SDK documentation)

Attention for Eclipse Users:

In some Versions of the Android Eclipse plugin the inclusion of the Library may result in a compile time error.

In that case please go to the Eclipse preferences menu and uncheck the following options:
?Force error when external jars contain native libraries?.
IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in the current release of the Android Eclipse plugin (r16) it might be necessary to uncheck the option ?Automatically refresh Resources and Assets folder on build? instead.
I have done this but still i am facing calss not found exception..What can i do...?please help me....
Hi again,

When does the "ClassNotFoundException" occur? In a Sample project we provided?

Usually you get this one when you are using Android SDK features that are not supported by the device (when device has lower Android version)
Just like getPivotX() is supported on Android SDK11+ but will cause Exception when app runs on lower version.

Kind regards;

Good solution, it helped me. Thanks a lot. 

i am working with cardboard.jar and it is showing the similar error.

The console error report is as follows:

The library cardboard.jar contains native libraries that will not run on the device.

Additionally some of those libraries will interfer with the installation of the application because of their location in lib/.

lib/ is reserved for NDK libraries.
 The following libraries were found:

I tried unchecking force error field as you said but it didnt work. Please help me fixing these errors.

Hi Ramakrishna,

please rename your "lib" folder to "libs" and try again.

Best regards,
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