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How can I use android-javascript api for Unity?

How can I use android-javascript api for Unity?

I can see wikitudesdk.aar in the libs folder,

but don't know how to use it for Unity.

My project is to put 3d object with geo-location AR.

Do you have any example??

Hello Jade,

The plugin is based on Wikitude’s versatile Native SDK, allowing developers to create amazing and interactive augmented reality experiences for Android and iOS Unity apps. Therefore, Unity is only available with our Native API and not with Javascript API.



The reason why I want to use javascript api is that I want true-north of my device.
When I have my device in portrait, It is hard to get true-north.
If I use example application of wikitude, it is better than mine.
Application knows where the north is.
If I get device north, It would be helpful.

is there any way to get true north in unity with your api??



Hi Jade,

Unfortunately this is something that you cannot achieve since, as I told you before, Unity is integrated with our Native API.


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