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Image recognition

 I want to develope an app that can recognize door frames and place doors in it so you could get a first impression on how it would look in your house.

Therefore I want to know if it is possible to detect a certain form like a doorframe and place a door in it. This would be the best solution for me.

The other solution would be to print a certain image and attach it in the middle of the doorframe. I tryed that with the Wikitude Studio Editor. But I couldnt make the door big enough to fit the doorframe. Is it possible to make the Scaling higher than 8?
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Hi Dennis,

Recognizing door frames with our SDK - which is currently optimized for 2D image recognition - is not possbile at the moment. You can work with our extended tracking functionality - where you place a 2D target image and can then move away from the target.

As for the door augmentation, if you have a bigger originial file then you can scale it bigger. So if the scaling factor is not sufficient in regards to hte size, you'll need to make the original file bigger.




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