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demo not working

I am trying to use available demo for ios platform but it is not working at all. Please help

Hello Pragya,

Could you please download our latest version of our native API from the beta channel here? There was an issue with some missing libraries that we have fixed now so this could be the cause of your problem as well.



We are still getting issues with the native Ios SDK. We want SDK for location service based augment reality just like pokemon go application and also providing by you.


We need to show 3D cubes/objects on the way when user is moving on the street and tapping on the 3D cube/objects will generate required action. Please help us for same.


: i am following this document

 for integrate wikitude

 still getting errors

 when BITCODE Enable

an when BITCODE disable

Hi Pragya,

You need to add the `CoreMedia.framework` to your project. You can find an updated version of our documentation in our beta download section.

Best regards,


Hello Andreas

Thanks for your response. let me try and get back to you


Hello Wikitude,

Thanks for your suggestion and I find the demo is working. However, being iOS developer I want solution for iOS. The demo I run was in javascript just to look that would it solve my purpose. And yes the POI is working the way I want.

Pleas help me for the iOS native solution as I do not understand JAVASCRIPT.

My application functionality is just similar to pokemon go I am just showing cubes rather than 3d images.

Please help me

Thanks in advance. 

Hi Pragya,

The Wikitude Native SDK is for computer vision only and does not support any geo AR functionality. To build a Pokémon Go like application, you have to use the Wikitude SDK with JS API.

Best regards,


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