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Camera lagging / slow in native Swift application

Hi there,

I managed to setup a Swift 3 project using the native WikitudeSDK. I copied the Objective-C classes ExternalRenderer and StrokedRectangle from the samples project. Although the app is running and the target (magazine) is recognized, the whole camera experience is slooooow. The camera is lagging when the phone is moved. 

Is this related to the demo key or to Swift? The latter does not make sense, because all classes related to camera and SDK are from the SDK or coded in Objective-C ...

We are evaluating AR-SDKs and would appreciate your feedback. Currently Wikitude's performance in our Swift application is not acceptable.

Best regards,


Hello Hartmut,

Please note that Wikitude doesn't officially support Swift at the moment and therefore, we can’t provide any support for it if you have issues. If you are still having performance issues using our standalone Wikitude products then please report them and we can further investigate.

Should you need anything further, just let us know.

Thank you,


same issue like me. The camera is lagging when the phone is moved.

 drift boss

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